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My 4 kids and my wife were sitting in the living room just doing what we normally do; TV, Tablets, Smartphone, Blogging, that kind of new age 'family quality time.'   While putting together the latest Post for GLOOG on Roe  v. Wade I came across 'The U.S. Abortion Clock. 

Upon opening the site, my throat choked up.  I couldn't help but to be mesmerized by this ongoing digital display of the advancing number of abortions.  Unspeakable willful murders of the most innocent people on earth and the arrogant disrespect and subhuman treatment of the most amazing miracle known to man.  If my heart were not in good shape it would have stopped working from the shock. It was impossible to fathom what the changing digits were conveying in real time: 


After staring at it for a few minutes, I stopped and looked up at my family and told them all to stop what they were doing and listen carefully because I was going to read something that they should never forget.   It was about 8:30 pm.  They all stared at me in silence and so I began to recite the number that was increasing by  the second;

"2,456.1 – .2 – .3 – .4 – .5 – .6 – .7 – .8 – .9 –  2,457."

"Two Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Seven."  I pronounced with stark tone. "What's that daddy"? One of the kids asked.  "Two Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Seven Babies have been murdered just today so far – and the day is not over yet!."  I continued:  "By the end of today, and everyday, there will be over 3000 babies killed before they were even born!

My wife and the kids sat with their mouths opened and a blank stare on their faces of shock and disbelief.   And then I told them what I wanted them to forever keep in their minds and souls;

"No one can be a human being and accept this atrocity of the human soul.  Abortion is the killing of babies.  It's that simple and it's that terrible.  No one can ever be a Christian and endorse it   No, I take that back.  It has nothing to do with religion.  The willful killing of a baby is something that is unnatural and goes against all the laws not even of God but of Mother Nature, humanity and civilized society.  So forget about religion.  Leave it out of the conversation.  The truth is that anyone who endorses abortion can not be considered a human being, period! 

That's all I wanted to say.  Never Ever Forget This.  Now you can go back to what you were doing."

There was again a blank stare as they looked at each other wondering if it was really OK to break their silence.  They of course did but the point was made.  

And so I hope you will take a look at this 'Abortion Clock' and consider it's real impact. 

It always amazed me how it is 'morbid' to display pictures of abortions but it is OK to actually do them!  The 'subhumans' that tells us this are the same ones responsible for this atrocity's legalization.  But give the 'devil his due'; they are the best at manipulating the minds of Americans through their total control of the propaganda in America.

It should be compulsory for all adults to at some time if not many time, view the horrific images of what America's scum describes as 'a woman's choice.' (Here)

Taken From Aborted Babies Being Chopped Up And Sold:


On January 22, 1973 all laws in the United States were officially nullified by 9 lawyers on the "Supreme" Court (1).   On that day it became legal to kill an unborn baby right inside the mothers womb, no reason necessary.  

Any sane human being realized at that moment that if killing the most innocent of all was legal, than indeed nothing else could be illegal.  If the most sacred and most precious cornerstone of civilization did not require the protection of law,  than the very foundation of the proscribed purpose of human law was null and void along with all existing laws that it supported.

   WARNING! – This is a Very Graphic Display – That is if you are human…


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