–  The Bottom Line  –

Every chance he gets, Obama likes to tell whoever is stupid enough to listen to him that Muslims have been an important part of US history. 

Now it comes as no surprise that a narcissist lawyer like Obama is a pathological liar.  And it should come as no surprise either that lawyers think they are so much smarter than 'the jury' and that they can lie at will and we will believe them because we are just that stupid.   Lawyers and the lawyer/politicians lie to us daily and we just sit there and take it instead of doing what we should be doing; not paying any attention to them and calling them just what they are; LIARS.

Which brings us to Obama who thinks he can tell us that 'Muslims have been an important part of American history' and we will believe it.  Well in a way, the Muslim President is right.

Here's just a very brief review to back up what Obama says:

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