–  The Bottom Line  –

Barack Obama needs to visit the grave and get down on his knees and pay homage to the man who started it all and who more than anyone was responsible for the unimaginable reality that allowed an inexperienced Marxist/Socialist to become an American President.

Forget about Obama's 'likability.'  Forget about Axelrod and any ground game or strategic plans of the campaign.  Forget about the Brain Dead Media.  Forget about ALL the Monday morning quarterbacking of the 'experts' and TV pundits.     

The 'ground game' and the campaign of Barack Obama started when he was 3 years old.  And there is one person and one person only who deserves all the credit for Obama's Campaign and his Presidency.  There is one person who all but guaranteed Obama's victory in 2008 and 2012.  There is one person who implanted the tumor that became a cancer on the American work ethic.  There is one person whose 'Great Society' became an immoral and dependent group who know not 'what they can do for their country' BUT what their country can do and give to them.   His name is Lyndon Baines Johnson.

LBJ and MLK – Their dreams for America in 1964 became a nightmare in 2008.

And so on August 24, 1964, a new party was born in America.  Ideologically it was a new Anti-American Party.  Call it Marxist, Communist, Liberal, Progressive.  Doesn't matter.  The Bottom Line is that at the 2012 Democratic Convention, after transforming for 48 years, the Democratic Party officially became the Anti-American Party. (1)

From GLOOG – June 5, 2011; 'Seeders of Destruction'

–  Seed Three: Planted on August 24, 1964  –

On August 20, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson (Georgetown Law School) signed the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

Now for the first time, a person who was not elderly or disabled could receive a living from the American government. (The American work ethic, the backbone of American Tradition, was poisoned.)

Now for the first time, a woman didn’t need a husband to support her baby.

Now for the first time, immorality and procreation outside the family were enabled and financed by the government.

Now for the first time, more and more children would grow up without a father.

Now for the first time, citizens would stand on the grocery line spending their hard earned dollars while a ‘mother’ with 2,3,4,5,6 children and no father, would pay using food stamps. (The more children , and in many cases the more different fathers, the more money and food stamps were provided.)

(Thank You Mr. Johnson.  Hope your looking down, or up, so that you can see the results of your seed; Detroit, Divorce Rate, 50 million on Food Stamps, 75% of black children have no father, and on & on & on…)

A Great Society

by Michael Schaffer  APRIL 16, 2012


And according to a pair of scholars who crunched the numbers on election 2008, the coalition that powered Obama's victory was created by LBJ's own policies.

LBJ Signs Civil Rights Voting ActAn article by political scientists Philip Klinkner and Thomas Schaller argues that the diverse new constituency that lifted Obama was a long-delayed byproduct of three Great Society efforts. The first was the Voting Rights Act, which set the stage for the generation of African American elected officials who made it possible to even imagine Obama's candidacy — while also empowering the black voters who put him over the top in Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina. The second was the Johnson-era change in America's immigration laws, ending 40 years of limitations and throwing open the doors for the polyglot electorate that found Obama's diverse background so appealing. And, finally, Johnson’s Great Society eased the way for a generation of people who might otherwise have stopped at high school to attend college. Last 2008, college-educated voters, once solidly Republican, played a key role in Obama's new coalition.

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