The 2008 election was clear; Obama could do no wrong to his American Idol electorate.  I honestly believe that the man could have murdered someone and they would have sabotaged the DNA evidence or even a video of the crime.

I projected a landslide victory for Romney based on sound rational; and being rational in an irrational world has come back to bite me…   But I did say that he would lose "…unless they cheat." 

And so it begins.  There will be a mountain of evidence to prove that the 2012 election was a fraud perpetrated against the American people by Obama and company.  It will prove that the anti-American forces behind Obama did indeed cheat.   But Obama will not face punishment.   Most lawyers, judges and lawyer/politicians never do because they control all branches of government.  And to put salt of the wound, the 'Fourth Branch or Fourth Estate', the media, is now an enabler instead of a watchdog.  The three branches of government that were engineered to provide the checks and balances no longer exists.  It has been taken over and the Republic has been replaced by an Oligarchy controlled entirely by one privileged group;

You can call them anything you like. Call them Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Politicians, Judges, Congressman, Senators, Legislators, Public Servants, etc. But the one fact and common denominator remains; they are all (with few exceptions)
Anyway you do the math. America is now ruled 100% by LAWYERS! –

And as James Madison warned:

So we will expose the evidence as it is produced.  Perhaps we're wasting our time and for sure the odds are against us.  But that is how we began and how we became the envy of the world.  The optimism and the spirit that is so uniquely American will not die, not on our watch, not ever…

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