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Does this photo match the headline?


–  The Bottom Line  –

It's not bad enough they encourage and support the anti-American agenda within America, but to make their reporting and suicidal mindset even more lethal, they continue to support America's foreign enemy.  And no it's not the 'terrorists' or the 'Islamic extremists', or the 'rebels.'  It is, as it has always has been; Islam.

It is no less than disgusting how the Associated Press (AP) has defended the Islamic barbarians even after 9/11.  After all that has happened in the last 2 decades, not to mention since Islam began 1400 years ago, the AP and their suicidal counterparts around the world continue to prop up this cancer known as Islam.


[3] [4]The daily death and destruction caused all over the world by Islam makes no difference to these suicidal ideologues masquerading as journalists.  They continue to slant and support Islam thus encouraging more of the atrocities from this subhuman cult.

[5]List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, 2012 [6]

This photo and the headline are a perfect example of how rather than expose the depravity of this death cult, they try to make it appear that they are the victims.


Rockets from Gaza jolt Tel Aviv area

JERUSALEM (AP) — Palestinian militants barraged Israel with nearly 150 rockets on Thursday, killing three people as Israel…



Pictures from Israel: the death toll of jihadist savagery [8]

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