–  The Bottom Line  –

It is very hard to understand why so many are so blind when it comes to so many things.  Things such as Islam, the Lawyer Oligarchy that is now controls America and of course Obama and his real mission.  All of these are in plain sight yet most either refuse to believe or just don't really give a damn about the impending destruction that each guarantees.

There is an old expression that might give us a clue as to why:

'Can't see the forest for the trees':  An expression used of someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole:

I believe this to be true in this situation because it explains the blindness and ignorance that otherwise is unexplainable in such important matters.  BUT, the most important part of this 'equation' is that it is no coincidence that 'the forest is being hid by the trees.'   It is more commonly referred to as 'smoke and mirrors.'  These confusing details that hide the real problem are thrown at the public daily by those in power to camouflage their ineptness or their real intent.  

Now take a wild guess which people/profession use the 'smoke and mirrors' strategy on a daily basis to enrich themselves  and advance in their 'profession.'   That's right; LAWYERS.  And who now controls 90% of State and Federal Government?  That's right again, LAWYERS.    See any parallels here?????

Which brings us to The Lawyer-in-Chief: Barack Obama.    Nightly on ALL stations and in most media outlets they discuss everything imaginable about the reasons why the country is facing bankruptcy.  They ponder again and again on everything BUT the real and SO OBVIOUS reason.

Here's Mr. Bill Whittle who is one of the best at seeing 'thru the trees':


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