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Kuwait – Death Penalty for Cursing Allah

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Isn't this the country that America, founded on the principal of freedom of speech, rescued [1]from Sadam Hussein at a cost of Billions of US dollars AND hundreds of young American soldiers lives?

Moderate Kuwait introduces death penalty for ‘cursing allah, the quran and prophets’

Posted by Pam Geller on December 13, 2012

There is no "moderate" Sharia. The money quote is

"We do not want to execute people with opinions or thought because Islam respects these people… But we need this legislation because incidents of cursing God have increased"

Ah, they don't want to kill us, but they have to because the Quran tells them so. This is savagery.

In the words of Turkish Prime Minsiter Erdogan explained [2], "The 'moderate Islam' concept is wrong. The word 'Islam' is a simple word — it is only Islam. If you say 'moderate Islam,' then an alternative is created, and that is 'immoderate Islam. I cannot accept such a concept as a Muslim."

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