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After America and England discovered and developed the only natural resource in the Muslim world.  After America liberated Muslims in Bosnia and Kuwait.    After America sent billions of dollars in aid to Muslim countries.  And after America helped Osama bin Laden and the Muslims in Afghanistan fight off the Russian assault in the 1980s.  America received a Muslim expression of appreciation on September 11, 2001. 

And now as our boys die in Afghanistan and as we pour more billions of dollars into a Muslim wasteland, we hear that Saudi Arabia is building a 100 MILLION DOLLAR Mosque in, that's right; Afghanistan.

No, the Muslims are not sending their Petro dollars to Afghanistan to build roads and schools and infrastructure.  They know now that the U.S., 'The Ultimate Sucker' will take of that.  They can devote their money to building more Mosques where they can teach the ways of Mohamed and Islam in killing all infidels like the Americans that continue their suicidal mindset even after that 9/11 'Thank You' card…


Americans fight and die in Afghanistan, Saudi’s build $100M mosque
Posted on December 9, 2012 by creeping

17,674 Americans wounded and more than 2,165 killed to date. For what? To pave the way for sharia (it’s in their constitution we wrote for them) and wahhabism.

via Kabul’s $100m mosque: a sign of a heavyweight battle for post-2014 Afghanistan | guardian.co.uk.

Last month it emerged that Saudi Arabia is funding a $100m mosque and Islamic education centre in Kabul, very similar to the Faisal mosque constructed in Islamabad in the 1980s. Dr Dayi al-Haq Abed, the Saudi minister of hajj and Islamic affairs, has sought to make assurances that the building is not designed to bolster the Gulf state’s role in Afghan affairs after Nato’s withdrawal in 2014, but the claim sounds hollow.

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