Way Out, Out of The Box, Extreme, Honest, Straight Shooting, Un-Politically Correct, Right Wing Nut, Bigot, Racist, etc. etc. etc. – Call them what you want.  Only 'The Bottom Line' is what matters and that is exactly what these are about.

It was very difficult to choose which were the most important.  One thing is for sure; most of these represent the kind of common sense and American pride that is not to be found anywhere in today's anti-American media.

The War for America – Part 1: Shame On The Good Guys

Shocker! – America’s #1 Whore is a Lawyer.

2012: The Easiest Election in US History

Election 2008 & 2012 – Thank You LBJ

Election 2012 – The Evidence – Exhibits A –

The Reality of Benghazi – The Video – If You Care…

Americans ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’-And Here’s Why

Real Gun Violence Control – Replace Judges & Lawyers…

From The Mouth Of A Lawyers

‘We still can’t speak the name of the enemy, Islam.’

The U.S. Abortion Clock – WARNING!

Islam’s Invasion – Wake Up or Die America…

The Denial of Evil – Part 1

The Greatest Scam in Business History

1st Time in History – America Surrenders

The Shame of a Lawyer Society

The GLOOG Flyer is Here!

Syria’s Bashar Assad – An American Ally

The Lawyer Invasion of America

The Tree of Injustice

The Good Old Days’ – Before They Took Control…

The Queen Is Gone…

“I propose we put an end to human death.”

The Death of English

Election 2012 – A Titanic Lesson…

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