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They might as well just change their name to the ‘Communist Party’ and get it over with.  They are not fooling anyone but themselves now. –  It’s Official – Democrats Now The Anti-American Party

Another scathing ‘reality’ post from Godfather Politics. (These guys are one of the best at bringing to the forefront the ‘bottom line’ in their articles.)  

Democratic Party Is a Terrorist Organization!

Posted on January 12, 2013 by Da Tagliare

According t? th? Cornell University Law School:

(5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—

(A) involve acts dangerous t? human life th?t ?r? a violation ?f th? criminal laws ?f th? United States ?r ?f ?n? State;

(B) appear t? b? intended—

(i) to intimidate ?r coerce a civilian population;

(ii) to influence th? policy ?f a government b? intimidation ?r coercion; ?r

(iii) to affect th? conduct ?f a government b? mass destruction, assassination, ?r kidnapping; ?nd

(C) occur primarily w?th?n th? territorial jurisdiction ?f th? United States.

Does th? Democratic Party fit th? legal definition ?f domestic terrorism?  Let’s look ?t ???h ??rt ?f th? legal definition ?nd th?n make ?ur conclusion.

(5)(A) – I? th? Democratic Party involved ?n acts th?t ?r? dangerous t? human life th?t ?r? a violation ?f th? criminal laws ?f th? US ?r ?n? state?  Wh?r? d? w? begin? If ??u ?r? looking for the best criminal justice attorney in Denver here is a best option for you.

H?w ?b?ut immigration ?nd th??r refusal t? protect th? US-Mexico border?  Wh?n states try t? t?k? th? action t? protect th??r citizens wh?n th? feds won’t, th? feds challenge th? state’s rights ?nd laws, leaving th??r citizens ?n danger ?f th??r lives. Failing t? protect US citizens b? n?t enforcing immigration laws definitely fits th?? category.

Wh?t ?b?ut attempting t? enact illegal gun control laws?  A growing number ?f Democrats ?r? calling f?r th? confiscation ?f ?ll guns.  N?t ?nl? ?? th?t a violation ?f th? US Constitution, but ?t w?ll lead t? bloodshed ?nd endanger m?n? human lives.

(5)(B) – I? th? Democratic Party guilty ?f trying t? intimidate ?r coerce a civilian population ?r a government b? intimidation ?r coercion?  Wh?r? d? I start?

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