–  The Bottom Line  –

Can't say it enough times:  BRAVO!  Along with millions of other Americans who still have living brain cells and expect us all to be accountable for our actions, someone has FINALLY said what needed to be said for the last 12 years:

One of the things that disappointed me most about the original 9/11 was that no one was fired… There were a lot of human errors, these were judgment errors and the people that made judgment errors need to be replaced, fired and no longer in the position to make these judgment calls…

God Bless Rand Paul

FINALLY someone that we pay to watch out for us has 'brought it home' to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the lawyer/failure leaders of this country! 

Hillary Clinton – Another Lawyer, Another Failure

Think about all the failures of leadership that led up to 9/11.  There are so many that it would take a few very thick books to even begin to explore them. 

Here's a real simple one for you to contemplate and one that shows how miserable the leadership has been in this country for decades now;

With the thousands of regulations and decades of hijackings experience under their belt, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which is charged with airplane safety, never thought that PERHAPS they should mandate secure cockpit doors! – DUH…

After the 9/11 attacks, Congress decided cockpit doors should be designed to protect pilots from attackers: about 40 years AFTER the first airline hijacking where the hijackers entered the cockpit easily!!


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