–  The Bottom Line  –

Wealth in Washington, DC has surged to the highest median income in the United States, surpassing even tech mecca Silicon Valley, California.

In case you think I’m being to ‘extreme’ with my adjective for all Americans who work hard and pay their taxes, then just read the following posts and watch the program.  Then after you’re all finished, think about how YOU are funding these greedy, narcissistic phonies along with their friends and of course, to rub salt in your wound, sending BILLIONS of dollars to our own enemy in Egypt and around the world to other Islamic countries.

Last night Sean Hannity ran a very ‘revealing’ although not very surprising special on how Washington D.C. has become America’s number one “Boomtown.”

After watching this I couldn’t help remembering that great clip Glenn beck did that nailed these ‘bloodsuckers.’

Here’s a few videos & posts that will get you sick even before you watch the program.

Bannon Talks ‘Boomtown:’ ‘The Great Unreported Story Of Our Time’

Boomtown: Meet The Washington Aristocracy

BOOMTOWN: Washington Passes Silicon Valley for Highest Median Income in U.S

Annual Cost to Taxpayers for Obama Family is $1.4 Billion


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