–  The Bottom Line  –

You no longer have to buy that expensive ammunition & carry around those bulky guns.
Our great leaders at 'Homeland Security' have shown us the way! 

That's right, the ignorance implied by this DHS ad makes perfect sense because this is what the lawyer/leaders that control America think of us the American 'jury.'  We're all a bunch of idiots because after all; they're lawyers and we are not.  They went to law school so they know what's good for us and we didn't go to law school so we have no idea what's good for us or America…  See A Message From Our Masters.

And because at GLOOG we feel sorry for most of the 300 million Americans who never went to law school, we not only will post the ad here, but also (because you probably don't know how to Google either) we have pasted the link so you can get the best deal on America's new high tech self defense weapon…

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