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BRILLIANT!  This article rates 5 stars when it comes to relevance and the bottom line of any debate political or otherwise.   It sometimes gets a little 'heavy' but it really defines the problem that is overshadowing just about ALL problems and disagreements in society today.


The revolt against reason: The culture war and the fight to save rationality

Posted January 17, 2013 by Fred Hutchison
 Originally published October 29, 2005

Excerpts:  The culture war is part of a collision of two worldviews. Can the disagreements between these worldviews be settled through rational discussion? This can only happen if both sides are amenable to reason.  If one side withdraws from the interaction of ideas and throws up defenses against reason, the possibility of authentic conversation is negated. ….

The present postmodern renunciation of reason has reached a high water mark of irrationality.

Nowhere is the gloom of unreason deeper than in academia. I watch college students walking slumped as they gaze upon the sidewalk, and I wonder what they have to be sad about. If a professor has just extinguished the light of reason in them, they have a lot to grieve about. A part of their humanity has been crushed.

The domination of powerful, elite institutions by postmodern liberals who hate reason is a grave danger to the Republic. No civilization that renounces reason can long survive. It is up to the conservative movement and doctrinally orthodox Christianity to rescue the floundering cause of reason. This is a battle that, with God's help, we must win. ….


We have examined the contamination of biology, physics, and law with irrationality. No area of modern culture has been left unmolested by the postmodern liberal revolt against reason. Every issue in the culture war has an underlying theme of reason versus unreason. Let us arm ourselves with the weapons of reason and develop our skills in the use of these weapons. The trend of the great dumbing down must be turned around sometime. I can think of no better time than now.

God can deliver us from those dark forces that encroach upon the reasoning powers that he gave us and intends us to use.

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