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America’s #2 Disgrace

–  The Bottom Line  –

In the wake of the death of Chris Kyle and the funds that have been established to help his family.  And with the latest story about the Navy Seal who killed bin Laden [1] who and is now without healthcare and a pension;  this post is long overdue.

veteransinneed [2]

You of course will find it difficult, if at all possible to hear or read about this anywhere:

The fact that our veterans have to rely on private charities to aid them after returning from war is a national disgrace second only to government sanctioned murder of 53 million babies.

Here is an excerpt and closing statement from

America's 2nd Declaration of Independence [3]

And Finally:  We Will Honor Our Veterans as They Honored Our Country.   It is a sign of an unappreciative Nation that those who sacrifice the greatest for our country should ever be in need of any charity or lack any necessary comfort.  The establishment of private citizen groups that provide benefits for our veterans is certainly praiseworthy.  The fact that our government sends money to other countries while our veterans must rely on charity is a national disgrace.     

Therefore, other than in the case of a national natural tragedy, there will be no funds or supplies
or compensations of any kind provided to any country unless first it is confirmed by The High Court
that any and all of the physical needs and necessary comforts of our war veterans is satisfied.

We Will Get Our Culture and Our Country Back and We Will Restore The Character, The
Class, and The Glory That is The United States of America. 

Taken From

DOI [3]This original document for the first time addresses the unspoken cancer that is destroying America from within.  And like the original Declaration, addresses the grievances along with the solutions needed to restore The Republic back to what the founding fathers intended as expressed in both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

Please download and spread it around to all friends and patriots who care. [3]



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