Today is the anniversary of the murder of Ilan Halimi by a gang of Muslims — "the Gang of Barbarians."

Halimi was found naked, handcuffed, and bound with nylon rope to a tree about 40 yards inside a woodlot from a railway outside Paris, on February 13. A list of cases of the 'bystander effect' reported that more than 80% of his body had been burned with acid, as well as gasoline, to the point that he was difficult to recognize. He had severe contusions, blood blisters, and hematomas covering most of his body, to the point that he was more blue than flesh-colored, multiple broken bones, one ear and one big toe missing, and his testicles looked like "blackened oranges." Halimi died en route to a hospital.

This is IslamThe French police officer leading the investigation said the gang “kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut bits off his flesh, fingers and ears, and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight. It was one of the cruelest killings I have ever seen.” The gang phoned the family several times and made them listen to verses from the Koran while Ilan screamed as he was tortured in the background.  …

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