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Whatever it is that these guys drink, I'll take some…  The Stones started out just about when my memory kicks in circa 1962!   They've been together longer than every band in history and most marriages. 

And now they show the world that they are not only 'The Stones' but as they say on the street 'they have the stones'…  

Defying Boycotts, Jagger, Stones, to Honor Israel’s 65th Birthday

Posted by Yori Yanover  on February 24, 2013

Despite a barrage of attacks from British, European and U.S. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) groups, the Rolling Stones will perform their planned concert in Jerusalem on Israel's Independence Day, Monday, April 15.

"We've been slammed and smacked and twittered a lot by the anti-Israeli side," said Mick Jagger, the band's leader and most recognizable member since 1963. "All I can say is: anything worth doing is worth overdoing. So we decided to add a concert on Tuesday."

Needless to say, tickets to both concerts, Monday night in Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem and Tuesday night in Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv, have been sold out even as Jagger was speaking.  …

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