What do you get when you listen to 3 lawyers?   –  Three Lies…. 

OK, not the best lawyer joke but you will admit that 95% of the time it's true, especially in Washington D.C.  So here we have three of the most notorious liars ever to hit Washington (and that's saying something).   The difference is that Nixon was not lying when he said he was not a crook.  What he did lie about was when he said he knew nothing about Watergate, which he did. 

Anyway we now understand that Nixon and even Clinton were Boy Scouts compared to the latest Liar in Chief Barack Hussein Obama.  The question is not whether Obama is a liar but rather he is even capable of knowing what truth really is?  (I know; it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is…)     See AUGUST 17, 1998






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