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For those who still think that Islam is a religion, you may want to just take a few minutes to bring yourself up to date on the reality that is Islam.  For 1400 years Islam has been successful at convincing the civilized world that it is a 'religion of peace.'   Of course their entire history documents the exact opposite.  But give the devil his due.'   The 'cloak of religion' has been very successful and has enabled this death cult to exist in an otherwise civilized world. 

'Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing' – Jesus Christ

Here is another example, in her own words – complete with video, of the what a true Muslim is and how she honors her Koran and Allah (aka Mohamed)'s' commands that it preaches:

Muslim Woman Terrorist

This is Islam


Holder Won’t Prosecute Palestinian Killers of 54 U.S. Civilians

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