15 kids – "Somebody needs to pay for all my children"

–  The Bottom Line  –

Please Please no one ever tell me that 'we' care about 'our children'!   'We' kill about 3000 EVERY DAY and 'we' allow whores like this heartless 'woman' to breed 15 kids and rely on 'our' dime to raise them as their 'fathers' go out and F__k more whores and breed more fatherless children.  And then 'we', or more honestly the 'brilliant' lawyers that run the government, wonder what to do about poverty and crime.

Sickening.  Just Sickening.  I'm definitely not your shining example of virtue but it is shameful and embarrassing to live in such a debased culture. 

Thanks LBJ and all you anti-Americans/liberals out there.  Your lack of concern for all these dead babies and fatherless children represents the only valid reason for abortions; your mothers all should have had one…





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