"If this all sounds a little crazy, that's because it is!" – Dmitry Itskov.

–  The Bottom Line  –

This is my kind of guy.  As I stated in 'The Only Enemy', we can never be really free until we have the right to decide if and for how long we choose to live. 

Our enemies throughout the ages have come and gone.   Only one has remained.   And since the very beginning it has declared war on us and it has won each and every battle.  There have been no exceptions.

Death is our most common enemy, our most lethal enemy, our oldest enemy, and our most devastating enemy.

And in an intelligent world – it is the only enemy.

from: The Only Enemy

Here's and idea by Russian internet mogul that promises to pierce the armor on humanity's most unwelcomed visitor; the grim reaper.

Russian Internet mogul Dmitry Itskov is looking for backers for the world's first immortality research center.

Of course, the real payoff here isn't the opportunity to dump shares after some future IPO, but the chance to keep one's consciousness alive indefinitely, long after the biological body has given out. Call it a long-term investment, and one with incalculable ROI.

2045 Initiative

How would you like to invest in immortality?

Posted by By Clay Dillow, on March 20, 2013:

FORTUNE — Startups devise some fairly clever tactics to sell investors on their business models, but Russian tech entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov's newest venture sells itself: Invest in his new research and development interest and the payoff could be immortality. A new corporate entity that the Russian multi-millionaire will formally announce at an event in June will allow investors to bankroll research into neuroscience and human consciousness with the ultimate goal of transferring human minds into robots, extending human life indefinitely. Early investors will be first in line for the technology when it matures, something Itskov believes will happen in the 2040s.

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