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Not since LBJ has anyone more deservedly earned the title and membership in that exclusive Club; 'Seeders of Destruction.'   Barack Hussein Obama may not have planted this seed, LBJ deserves full credit, but Mr. Obama has cultivated it's poisonous fruits like no other could or would.

Since President Lyndon Johnson declared “war on poverty,” U.S. taxpayers have spent $15 trillion on so-called anti-poverty programs—a figure slightly less than the national debt.   In 1969, just 2.8 million Americans received food stamps. Today, over 47 million Americans are on food stamps.   Since January 2009, as the chart shows, a net of 194,000 new jobs have been created. During that same time, 14.7 million have been added to the food stamp rolls.

Obama Food Stamps

I believe that LBJ, as stupid and naive as it was, was well intentioned when he initiated 'The Great Society' programs.  But Obama's cultivation of LBJ's disastrous mistake is not in any way derived from stupidity or naivety. 

Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through George H.W. Bush Combined – October 5, 2011

Turning Out The 'Shining Light on The Hill' – Obama dismantling America & The American Dream

Obama is as sharp and as deceptive as they come when it comes to achieving what he has openly stated; "Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America"

As destructive as they are, it is not the debt, the economy, foreign policy, food stamps, Muslim support, homosexuality and abortion that Obama will be noted for, it is all of the above combined to break the one factor that made America the most successful country in history and the envy of the world: The American Spirit.  That emotional and creative spirit that made America achieve more in 200 years than did the whole world in all of history.  That Judeo-Christian culture that fought world wars on behalf of liberty and righteousness, not power or possessions.  That spirit that brought people from every other country to it's shores for the freedom and opportunity to live and enjoy the God given rights that all humans were meant to enjoy in the very little time they have in the journey called life.    

The election of such an unqualified, inexperienced and inept person along with his unequaled failures at governing and the arrogance he displays so openly with a smile, and you have a nation of people whose spirit is on the brink of surrender.  And therein lies the reason for Obama's legacy and newest nefarious title;

Seeder of Destruction.  

Whether this seed will 'overtake and consume the garden' is yet to be seen.  It is in God's hands BUT we must not forget the reality that goes hand in hand with Devine Province;

God helps those who help themselves…

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