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It started around the late sixties.  I was in high school and all the protests were going on about Vietnam and it seemed like anything else 'they' could think of.   Most of it didn't make sense.  We were the greatest country, had the greatest freedoms and lived better than anyone on the planet yet if you read the papers or watched TV, it seemed as if our country was all of a sudden a hell hole!  Being pretty naive and sarcastic I would tell my friends that 'Russia must be putting something in the water.'

Well fast forward to 2013 and there is no sarcasm needed any more.  We have proof!

OK, it may not be Russia and they may not be putting it in the whole country's water supply, but the evidence is 'irrefutable' that the water has been contaminated in Washington D.C. and here's the headline that is 'the smoking gun';

Rubio, Kyl and other Republicans Back U.S. Strike on Syria

Most of us have long understood the reality that is the Democratic Party;

Hypocrisy dominates their arguments to the point that it must be tied with lying as Rule One in their Cult Handbook.   This taken with their obvious disregard for facts, history, realities and common sense gives credence to the title that best describes their shared mindset; 'The Cult of Baseless Reasoning.'

OK we could have figured McCain, Graham and Kyle, they've been in Washington so long that even if it weren't the water, the lawyer culture would have 'neutralized' their thinking by now.  But Rubio?  He's new there so there can be only one explanation; it must be the water!

water warning

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then just take a look at the reality that surrounds the headline above.  Does the names Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Libya and the history of just the last few years mean anything?  Have these guys been in a cave somewhere?  With the knowledge and history of just the last few years and what's happened in The Middle East, would anyone in their right mind actually propose to repeat these mistakes now in Syria?

Well as the article states, these guys are proposing to make the same deadly mistakes and actually help our stated enemy; Islamic Jihad.  And so there can be no other explanation.  The evidence is conclusive and the diagnosis is in;

The water in Washington DC is contaminated and will destroy brain cells upon consumption…

And if that's not enough evidence for you, than just contemplate this headline

From Dumb To Dumber: Obama Proposes Subprime Housing Bubble

How does any rational person react to this insanity? The government is intentionally leading us into another crisis. But we already knew that was going to happen. So let’s restate it: The government is intentionally leading us into the same crisis that devastated us before. It is encouraging malinvestment that they hope will lead to another boom that can only lead to another crash. ….  read more

So just remember next time you're in Washington:  Bottled Water Only….

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