The hard Left in America is a fascist movement just like their grandfathers in the 1920-40s. They are going to use the power of the government to establish their belief system. They have used the freedom of the United States’ Constitution to obtain power and now are using the power of the government to destroy and silence all opposition.


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On the heels of the latest post 'An Open Letter To The Good Guys', comes this way overdue article that shows that maybe, just maybe 'The Good Guys' will start to take back control of our language.  Kudos to John McTernan for putting forth the word 'Homofascism': 

(I never heard this term before, so I think I may have created it. In any event, I am going to use it because it fits this movement.)
Definition of fascism:
1.  the movement or governmental regime embodying their principles (This exactly what the homofascists are doing!)
2 a : any program for setting up a centralized autocratic national regime with severely nationalistic policies, exercising regimentation of industry, commerce, and finance, rigid censorship, and forcible suppression of opposition.
(The Left is using the fascists play book.) – John McTernan

This word is the kind of 'weapon' needed to pierce the shield of 'political correctness' that all the 'bad guys' use to hide behind and to deceive and brainwash the good people of America.    It's  just what's needed and about time in the fight against what I call the SOBs trying to force us to accept their perversions that will in the end destroy the family unit. 

In this post by Bob Unrah over at WND, he refers to the original analysis by John McTernan and also lays out a partial list of examples of this Homofacism that most will be familiar with.   The extent of just Mr. Unrah's list is unbelievable in a country where freedom of religion and expression are fundamental rights.    This list can not be a side note.  It is too important and illustrative in exposing the real agenda of the SOBs or Homofascists.  Therefore this list will be posted separately here so that it is complete and Mr. Unruh's expose article will be linked below and at the list.


Kudos to both Mr. Unruh and Mr. McTernan for this long overdue and powerful response to the lies and deceit of the homosexual agenda which most of the time remains unopposed.

If nothing else, make sure you check out this list.  The titles alone are a powerful statement of the  the kind of brainwashing PC that they are using everyday to destroy our culture.  

Fed-up Christians out to defeat 'Homofacism'

Posted by Bob Unruh on April 6, 2013

Hunt for the word “homophobia” – purportedly a fear of homosexuality – and Merriam-Webster, the ADL, Wikipedia, Oxford Dictionary, The Free Dictionary, the Reference Dictionary and others are ready to provide help.

But look for “homofascism” – the use of homosexuality to bludgeon and batter the religious rights of Christians and others – and the logical resources are silent, leaving it to blogs and others to define.

For example, at, a blogger wrote, “In light of all the information that I already posted and current information in this digest, I believe I may have coined a phrase. I am no longer titling the information as homosexual but Homofacism. … I am going to use it because it fits this movement.”

It’s not hard to recognize. It’s when:

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List of Homofascist Abuses and Propaganda


The Assault on Family, Culture and Civilized Society

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