The Bottom Line here is that I hope your sense of humor is in tack!   I had to read this twice before I believed it.  Gizmodo is the website that I get most of my tech news from.  Great site about the latest gadgets and clear and simple tech news.  But it's not The Onion or an comedy site so it was unexpected to say the least!

Still can't quite figure out whether it's stupid or just weird.   Nevertheless, it is pretty funny and a piece of information/trivia that you surely would not get anywhere else.  So remember this.  It will come in handy and show everyone how 'tech savvy' you are if anyone asks you what you think of any cell phone over 6 inches!

MegaCell Phone

Samsung’s New 6.3-Inch Phone Is Bigger Than 75 Percent of Human Penises

Samsung's Galaxy Mega is pretty big. (You: How big is it?) So big that it's bigger than about 75 percent of the full grown human penises on planet Earth. Full stop.

Last year, noted penis blogger John Herrman alerted us to the phone-penis size crash course we were on. Smartphones surpassed dicks last summer—a bit ahead of schedule—but the march goes on. The Galaxy mega is 6.3 inches. And by the numbers, that's bigger than so, so many penises.

You'd never guess this, but there is some disagreement about the best way to measure a penis. We're going by the data pulled from LifeStyles condoms' Cancun study data, which has a decent stature in the not-at-all-surprisingly active dick-measuring community. Here's how they break it down:

5.052 inches: 15.9th percentile
5.877 inches: 50th percentile
6.702 inches: 84.1st percentile

By some other data, 6.3 inches could fall around the second or third standard deviation of collected dick measurements. So 75 percent is a safe guesstimate, we think, going by the data analysis we've found, but if you've got a better read, feel free to slap it in the comments.

Just for fun, here are some other items that are smaller than 6.3 inches:

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