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It is my sincere belief that America or any other country will be able to call itself a modern and intelligent society only when the biggest national holiday is reserved for those whose creative genius invented and developed the medical and technological miracles that allow all of us to live longer and better lives on this world.  

Lab KidneyThe latest breakthrough by a team of such great people is the growing of a functioning kidney in a lab at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. 

This Lab-Grown Kidney Can Keep Rats—And Maybe Even You—Alive

Posted by Jamie Condiffe on April 15, 2013

For the first time ever, a whole lab-grown kidney has been successfully transplanted into a rat, where it allowed the creature to process urine like a really kidney would—and it could someday save your life.

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston took kidneys from donor rats and washed away the cells using chemicals, to leave behind the basic collagen structure which supports the organ. Then, they grew the organ back using a combination of human stem cells and rat kidney cells. New Scientists explains how they did it:

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