This tragic story has been told by people like me to the media outlets and others for some 12 years now – warnings upon warnings about Islam being the root cause of all of this.  These people get their training and teachings about it all from Imams, etc. It is endemic, rooted in and empowered by those who follow Muhammad since 622 A.D. Nothing can change facts and truth about this issue.

The government, media, professors at universities, etc., can hide their heads in the sand all they wish, but facts are facts! And now it is coming out again to haunt all of us citizens here in America.

We are sick and tired of the cover-ups regarding this evil religious/sectarian/governmental/aberrant social group, and we demand the facts be laid out to the public worldwide!

We are sick and tired of our boys and girls having to go to their d-mn countries and die for nothing – just because they’re running around claiming some type of worship to some type of figment of their imaginations.  And then, saying their “god” wants them to butcher and kill other people like they are dogs!

Islam Ad

It is time the weak-kneed and wimpy press reporters and editors, and the government jerks like Obama and the rest, stop lying to us and start telling the truth and also start demanding changes in these people. We must also stop giving them money and education! This has to stop. Also, we must stop buying their oil and use our own resources.  The time has come!

We are sick and tired of dying, being hurt, being lied to, being intimidated, being taken for granted, being used and having our tax money fund Islamic doctrine and power.

Lamar Carnes 

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