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How depressing is it to see these videos.  And to realize that US TAXPAYERS are supporting OUR OWN ENEMY and contributing to the kind of oppression that Americans have always fought against.   

And so it is under The First Muslim President that America is just about to hit bottom, economically, ideologically and spiritually.  

Obama has done it.  He has brought America down.  It only took him just over four years.  The Republicans could have stopped him.  They didn’t. – Lord Monckton  read more

Thank God for Glenn Beck and his crew at The Blaze for continuing to expose the truth about Islam and Obama's support of it.

  'Additionally, there are those in the country who admit “we have no hope in America.” Why? Because the United States continues to support a Muslim Brotherhood-led government.'

‘We Have No Hope in America’: Christians from Egypt Reveal the Darker Side of ‘Moderate’ Islam in Egypt 

Posted on May 9, 2013 by 

While the Obama administration would like Americans to believe that Egypt’s new government and its new president Morsi are the culmination of the freedom movement and the Arab Spring in the country, Coptic Christians there are telling a very different story.

TheBlaze TV aired the compelling stories on Wednesday of several Christians who live in fear, have been told to convert to Islam, and are living a much harsher reality than the one promised after the revolution. For example, meet the sisters who were told that after Morsi came to power all women would have to wear a veil — and the wife told she should leave her husband and convert to Islam:

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