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“This is going to be the biggest scandal. It is going to make Watergate look like kindergarten… It is a dereliction of duty that this nation has never seen before.”

Back in 1973 I arranged my work and college schedules around the Watergate hearings.  Of course it was a great education in government, civics and the laws that define our nation.  But more interesting to me was that from the very first day, I was baffled to know that most people actually wondered if Nixon was involved!   Now I'm no expert, not that there are any, but common sense dictated that how could he not know and be involved!  In fact if he really didn't know about the break-in and cover-ups, that was even worse!   He would have been too blind and stupid to be in the oval office…


And so it is today with Benghazi.  I mean we knew Nixon as 'tricky Dick', but he was a boy scout compared to Obama.  There are no tricks or double talk with Obama.  He is  the poster child for narcissism.  He is a pathological liar which means the truth only has a place in his repertoire when it benefits him.  There is no difference between a lie and the truth to a narcissist.

Of course the reality was revealed in Watergate and Nixon, who as 'tricky' as he was, still had the dignity and character to resign.  A narcissist like Obama would never even think of it.  That's just the way this type of personality disorder works.  

And by the way, if you really want to understand the thinking and the mindset of Barack Obama, just check this out and it will all become very clear.  Obama Stupid? Don’t Think So…


Benghazi makes Watergate 'look like kindergarten'

General: 'A dereliction of duty this nation has never seen before'

Posted on 5/14/2013 by WND

Revelations in Wednesday’s congressional hearings on the Benghazi terrorist attacks prove it is a massive scandal that will carry significant consequences for those involved in the cover-up, according to retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney. …

“This is going to be the biggest scandal. It is going to make Watergate look like kindergarten because Watergate was primarily limited to the Oval Office. This cuts across the whole national security apparatus, where people were lying and covering up,” McInerney said. “It is a dereliction of duty that this nation has never seen before.”

So what consequences could that mean for the highest levels of the administration?

“Well, just see what the consequences were in Watergate. If it’s far worse than Watergate, the consequences will go right into the Oval Office,” he said.

McInerney said the tell-tale sign of Obama’s dereliction of duty can be determined in the admitted White House narrative of the president’s actions as the terrorist attack played out the night of Sept. 11, 2012.

“When is the exact minute he knew? We don’t have the timeline, and it was well before the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff went over there. He only talked to the secretary of defense one time, so it’s obvious he knew that he had given the stand-down order and did not need to talk to the secretary of defense or anybody else after that,” McInerney said. “Then he goes the next day out on a fundraising campaign to Las Vegas. That is a low for the commander in chief of this great nation.”

He also insists the stand-down order could only come from one source: the president himself. …

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