Deception is the #1 weapon chosen by Mohamed & used by his followers now for 1400 years.(1)
Lies are not lies to Mr. Obama, a narcissist; they are a natural component of his personality. (2)

Narcissists often lie, and believe their own lies.  Since the narcissistic personality is not mature, lying is similar to that of a child.   It often consists of pretense at being more important than they truly are or denial of wrong-doing, out of habit.   If caught in a lie, the narcissist is likely to turn it around on the person s/he lied to; declaring that they are victims of abuse and wrongful accusation.   They take great risks at concealing the truth and often their bold lies are so out of the norm that an average person is apt to believe their protestations of innocence.

The Islamist way of war

Obama lies to the world: I didn’t set a red line…

Liberals reject Obama's case for Syria strikes; believe Obama and Kerry are lying

Obama LiarInChief



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