‘Suicide or Treason’: Beck Floored That ‘We Are Being Asked to Throw in With Al Qaeda on September 11th’

….“I remember how many of us used to have bumper stickers on our car that said ‘never forget,’ yet last night the president of the United States asked this country to back military action where our coalition would be made up of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al?Qaeda,” he said. “Never forget. Would we have allowed ourselves to fight in Japan with the Nazis?”











If you can remember that, ask yourself: How is it we are even having a conversation about going to war and supporting Al Qaeda? A year ago our president said Al Qaeda was done. We are now going to fight for them?”



After a commercial break, Beck came back saying he could not believe the president had the “arrogance” to make such a speech to the American people.

“To look at the American people as such sheep and dummies, to think that we could digest his speech as a body politic today on the day of September 11th, and come up with anything other than this guy is asking us to really commit suicide or treason…” he said.  “We are being asked to throw in with Al Qaeda on September 11th. It’s the height of arrogance.”

“And as my liberal friend said last night, any other president the Democrats would have impeached by now,” he continued. “And I have to tell you: If he actually does this, I am officially for impeachment because this is craziness. This is absolute craziness…”  …

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