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‘Commander-In-Chief’ Parties As Our Soldiers Die

Deaths in Afghanistan Skyrocket under Obama [1]

1,002 U.S. Troops Have Died In Afghanistan Under Obama [2]

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan More Than Doubled Under Obama [3]

This is the 12th concert at The White House since Obama has taken office.

–  The Bottom Line  –

I have only one question for anyone reading this;

How many Concerts and Parties in The White House, how many multi million dollar vacations, and how many rounds of golf would you play;  obama- party [4]

while thousands of men and women – under your command – were being killed and maimed and thousands of military families were suffering the utter destruction of their lives?

Military Family [5]

I know the answer that any decent American would say.  I also know the answer any person with no soul would say.  And we see clearly Obama's. 

He is without compassion and wishes the downfall of America, Israel and and Western civilized societies.  Be it the White House Tours, the Economy, Marriage, Abortion, Family Values, Christians in Egypt, Benghazi or Afghanistan.   This man is totally void of feelings or concern for those who die or suffer.  He is a true narcissist. [6]

Barack Hussein Obama is the poster child for the 'face of the enemy.' 


Barack Hussein Obama is America's number one enemy.

Barack Hussein Obama is Islam

AND Here's the definitive proof:

HERE [7]


HERE [8]




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