God Bless These Geniuses – They are Gods on Earth.

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Of course this is a subject so close to my heart since all 4 of my 'angels' were delivered to us by the miracle of in- vitro fertilization.   

But now the miracle makers in medicine have stepped it up even more.  When you think of the life and the ultimate happiness this brings to those who had no hope, a lump in your throat or a tear of joy is a welcomed display of pride in these true heroes of humanity.


New fertility treatment can induce egg growth in infertile women

For women with primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), getting pregnant can feel like nothing more than a dream.  Characterized by entering menopause early before the age of 40, this kind of infertility has no current treatment options, and women cannot have a baby that shares their genetic information.

But now, there may be an answer for these women who want to have a child of their own.  Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a brand new technique called in vitro activation, which involves inducing the ovaries to produce eggs. …

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