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This Is Islam – Muslim Beheads His Four Sons

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How many headlines like this does the civilized world need?  How many centuries of death and destruction by Islam does the civilized world need?   How many signs, videos and atrocities does the civilized world need to 'get the message' from these barbarians who follow the the cult of Islam and Mohamed.

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It is just incredible how this cult of death can debase all semblance of humanity with their subhuman actions.  I have given up thinking that these soulless creatures could ever surprise me again with their savageness.   For any sane and civilized person, there can be only one conclusion; Islam must be eradicated from this world.   Either we remove once and for all the 'tumor' of this lethal cancer or for sure it will kill us all.  

This is Islam [2]

Canada: Muslim beheads his four sons

"TORONTO – Somali police have arrested a Somali-Canadian for allegedly beheading his four young sons.
Omar Hassan's estranged wife told The Canadian Press early Wednesday that the children, ages 11, 9, 7 and 6 were killed by their father on Monday. Qadra Addawe said Hassan, 60, was a taxi driver in Calgary and had returned home a few months ago.

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