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Syrian ‘Rebels’ – Allahu Akbar! …

Obama-backed jihadist rebels proudly show off decapitated head of Syrian soldier

Is there no one who can change the course of Obama's genocidal foreign policy? Pure anti-Americanism. He is backing Islamic supremacist annihilationists in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Gaza, …… unspeakable.

GRAPHIC – Soldier after being shot dead and beheaded by terrorists LiveLeak [1]via BNI (thanks to Jack)

Rural Hama: A group of terrorists (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) who are fighting the Syrian Arab Army beheaded a soldier and vow to behead everyone who is an enemy of God. These people are wahhabis, who would behead their own children.
This execution took place on 9th October 2013 (4th, Dhul Hijjah, 1434).

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