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Remember that old TV series Love American Style(1969–1974)?  Well I would challenge Hollywood’s best horror film producers to make an Islamic version.  However they might just think about a new and different title so as not to offend thos ‘moderste’ (LOL) Muslims.  How about ‘Honor Islamic Style.’  There would be a treasure trove of real life stories and the series could begin back in 1400 with Mohamed and continue on to the present.  Here’s the latest episode below …

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                  New York – Prominent Muslim Beheads wife for his ‘honor.’                                                      Father decapitates daughter in India

                                                        – Family Love & Honor Islamic Style

Islam-Female Terrorists

Love bomb: Muslim husband made suicide vest for jihadist wife who murdered six in Russia

Posted bt Robert on October 22, 2013

Moscow: The female suicide bomber who killed six people on a bus in southern Russia had been sent on her mission by her husband, a young guerrilla fighter who prepared her explosive belt, media reports said on Tuesday.

Yesterday’s blast in the southern city of Volgograd, which also injured more than 30 people, was the deadliest attack outside the volatile North Caucasus in the past three years….

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15-Year-old Girl Burned to Death by Her Father for Talking on the Cell Phone

Muslim husband forces wife to drink acid for giving birth to a girl

This is IslamUK Muslim Burns His Wife and Three Daughters Alive to Restore His “Honor”

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