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Great piece by Benador.  Lays out the reality that you never hear about (with the exception of The Blaze) on the Brain Dead Media.  The underlying question is just how much more evidence do Americans need before they shine a light on America's darkest years and expose The Greatest Con In American History and can and will they do it before it's too late……



Benador: Obama's Brutal War on America: Obamacare

Thursday, 24 October 2013 06:49 Written by Eliana Benador

America is under a brutal war waged by the president himself with the democratic party and globalists at large. It shows with Obamacare, the disarming of the army, the de facto immigration taking place on a daily basis, the cruel laws promoting abortion to the point of committing crimes against healthfully born babies. Things are also bad when one looks at the destruction of cities as in the case of Detroit, the outright assassination of Americans in Benghazi or the highly trained Team Six, massacred in Afghanistan thanks to inside treason.

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