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It never fails.  Ninety-nine percent of the time someone accuses another of racism, it is the accuser who is factually the racist.  Names and accusations are easy to throw out there.  But the facts and the history are always ignored when a racist accusation is made by a real racist.

The best and latest example comes from none other than the richest woman in America, Oprah Winfrey.   The audacity of this woman to actually vilify “older white people” and to say that Obama is the target of unprecedented criticism because “he’s African-American.”    I guess she was asleep for 8 years during the Bush administration and the felonious 24/7 assault by the media and liberal pundits of every thing George W. Bush did.

I tried to give her a pass when she, for the first time, became political and campaigned for Obama in 2008.    But to be so dishonest and prejudice in her commentary and to show us once and for all that she is the real racist makes her a disgrace, not a role model,  for real Americans with any skin color.


Fortunately, we have real Americans like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who are without prejudice and have the courage to defend all Americans against this destructive attitude and opinion of the race mongers in the Black community like Sharpton, Jackson and Winfrey.

Black leader to Oprah: Put up or shut up!

Challenges TV star’s condemnation of America as racist nation

Black leader Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is challenging Oprah Winfrey to put up or shut up.
Peterson, a columnist for WND and the president of the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, or BOND, cites Winfrey’s recent “outrageous claim that blacks in America are still terrorized by whites because of their race.”
“Oprah Winfrey is sending a destructive and racist message to black youth,” said Peterson in a statement Tuesday.
“I’m calling on Oprah to back up her claims and give proof of blacks being terrorized by whites. She can’t – because it’s not happening.”
Winfrey made the remarks in an interview with the BBC last Friday on the subject of her movie “The Butler.”
The only way for racism to disappear, she said, would be for “older [white] people who were born, bred and marinated in prejudice and racism to die.”
Winfrey also alleged President Obama is the target of unprecedented criticism because “he’s African-American.”
Peterson said she should back up her claims or apologize.  …

Hear Peterson talk about Winfrey on his radio show:

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