Fill ‘er up with a gallon of ‘water gasoline’

Alternative fuels have failed to catch on because they require a major adjustment in the way society works. Here’s an alternative to that

By David Shamah November 19, 2013, 1

Gas Tank

While everyone agrees that alternatives to fossil fuels are needed, currently available alternatives require such a major an adjustment in manufacturing and social infrastructure so as to render the whole project untenable.

Besides, said Professor Moti Herskowitz of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, even if the world could be convinced to replace internal combustion engines in cars and trucks with engines that run on electricity, methanol, or other gasoline replacements, there remains one major problem. “If you notice, no one ever discusses alternative fuels for jets. No one wants a problem in the air, which makes jet fuel irreplaceable right now,” Herskowitz said.

with the “green feed” system that he and his team have developed, said Herskowitz, we can have it all — a clean-burning fuel that doesn’t require “dirty” power to produce (as is the case with batteries for electric cars, which are produced in factories that burn fossil fuels), or the redirection of valuable food growing resources to the production of crops to be used for alcohol-based fuel (a process that has turned out to cause far more damage to the environment than had been foreseen).

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