“The worst crime they committed was that they toasted people in ovens used to bake bread when those people came to buy it.”

This is Islam

–  The Bottom Line  –

The 1400 year war against civilized people continues.  For now it focuses on Christians – and for good reason:  the Christians are weak and easy targets with absolutely no fighting back for their fellow Christian slaughtered daily by the soldiers of Allah.  Be it in Iraq, Egypt, Syria or any other place.  The Muslims now kill Christians at will.  And the Christian leaders and the ‘mighty’ Christian country, America, is silent.  See Islam’s Global War on Christianity (video)

The Jews are different.  They kill back and so the death toll on the Jews is a minimum in the land of Mohamed.

It is the cult of death versus the cult of life.  The cult of debasement versus the cult of inspiration.  The cult of hate thy neighbor versus the cult of love thy neighbor.   We could go on but the point is obvious to those who understand Islam.    All said, it is indeed The War on Civilization

Here’s the latest stories from Syria where the Christian genocide continues….

“Whole Families Murdered”: Obama-backed Jihadists execute over 80 civilians in Syrian Capital

Posted on December 16, 2013 by Pam Geller

Obama-backed savages. Slaughter, abductions. “Some families were kidnapped in order to be used as human shields in areas where the Syrian army is now trying to free the civilians.

‘Whole families murdered’: Syrian rebels execute over 80 civilians outside Damascus Pravoslavie, December 16, 2013 (thanks to Maksim)

Over 80 civilians in a town northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus have been executed by Islamist rebels, sources within the Syrian military told RT. Many others were kidnapped to be used as human shields.

Government forces are continuing a large-scale operation against Jabhat al-Nusra and Liwa Al-Islam fighters, who captured the town earlier this week. The area is located some 20 kilometers away from Damascus.

According to SANA news agency, around 1,000 militants were in the town when it was enveloped by the army on Friday.

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Jihad on Jesus: Militants Firebomb New Christ Statue and Ancient Monastery, Syria

Posted on December 14, 2013 by Raymond Ibraham

Earlier this month, the Islamist-led opposition in Syria broadcast a video clip of a militant threatening the nation’s Christian minority, with a focus on the Cherubim monastery and the large Jesus statue recently erected in the region of Saidnaya in Damascus.

In the video, images of militants firing rockets at the ancient monastery and setting the building on fire appear (confirmed elsewhere). The Christ statue also appears being targeted, though it is unclear if it was damaged.

The 128-foot tall bronze Christ statue, christened “I have come to save the world,” was recently erected in war-torn Syria, with support from the Russian Orthodox Church.

Throughout the video clip, Islamic chanting is heard and Koran verses recited, including those vowing destruction to all polytheism (shirk), a reference to Christianity.

After the speaker in the video accuses Syria’s Christians of being supportive of the secular Bashar Assad government, he declares: “The swords of Islam shall fall upon your necks in your own monasteries, Allah willing—and Allah is witness to our words!”

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