Super Bowl stunner that was prophesied

3rd-and-5 and the ‘Catch 42’ that defied physics

By Scott Greer at WND It was third down and five yards to go on the New York Giants’ own 44-yard line. They were down 14-10 with only 1:15 remaining in Super Bowl XLII. The last play had almost resulted in an interception and would have sealed the game for the undefeated New England Patriots.

The Giants needed a miracle to stay alive in the game. And, according to some, that’s exactly what they got.

Giants’ receiver David Tyree approached the line of scrimmage with the feeling that what would happen next would change his life. The roar of the 72,000 fans in the stadium filled Tyree’s ears and with nearly 100 million people watching the game all over America, everything was on the line.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning yelled “hut” and Tyree shot off from the line of scrimmage.

What happened next is considered one of sports’ greatest moments – known simply as “Catch 42.”   Tyree recalled the moment that changed his life in his book, “More Than Just The Catch.”

Manning had improbably avoided a sack to make a desperate 32-yard pass to Tyree. Tyree was being defended by one of the top safeties in the game, Rodney Harrison, when the ball came his way.

Tyree, who only had four receptions during the entire regular season, leaped up behind Harrison and caught the ball between his right hand and the top of his helmet with the Patriots safety coming down with him.

TyreeDespite the odds, Tyree had managed to secure possession of the ball – giving his team the chance to win the game

Just a few plays later, the Giants scored the touchdown to win the Super Bowl and deal the “invincible” Patriots their only loss of the season.

But what might be more incredible than the actual catch is that Tyree had been told he would make this play all the way back in September – and the message came from the unlikeliest of sources.

This prophetic insight was given to Tyree by a man of faith with a track record of providing spiritual visions to high-profile believers.

It’s the type of story that Hollywood would reject as unbelievable – except that it actually happened. ….

Giants v s Patriots superbowl 42 best play ever Eli Manning to David Tyree amazing catch.

Eli manning escaping 3 sacks then throwing 60 yards to David Tyree who catches it with his helmet


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