–  The Bottom Line  –

First of all of course let’s set the record straight:

“I am gay, my kids are gay, and most of the time my wife is gay!” – FWH from  Same Sex Marriage – Are You Serious?

Unfortunately the sheeple of America led by the anti-American brain dead media, have let homosexuals change our language and our meanings so as to make their perversions appear to be ‘normal.’   See – The Marketing of Evil

I wish I had a dollar for every one out there who feels like me and is just sick and tired of hearing everyday on every show and news cast about homosexuals!  I mean I know that the ‘Freak Show’ at the carnival was the most popular attraction but it’s now gone beyond the pale.   The media, pop culture and Hollywood has so little regard and love for this country that indeed they are trying hard (and doing a damn good job) to transform America into a big freak show!

Usually I attach the Post and the link  after ‘The Bottom Line’ so that you can read the original article that is being discussed.  In this case the article in question is titled “I am Gay.”    It requires no discussion, only a very brief response.   The only comment required to those perverts who find it so compelling to announce to the world that they are perverted is


END of Discussion.

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