–  The Bottom Line  –

This is just too hard to fathom.  America, the country that for over 200 years  has sacrificed it’s young and dedicated itself to saving the world from ruthless domination is absent from saving it’s own in the latest world war; the war on Christianity.

Christian worldIt’s no stretch to say that Christianity has for over 2000 years been the building block and stabilizing force behind civilized society.  Upon it’s foundation, the human race has evolved and advanced more in the last 2000 years than it did in the millions  of years since the beginning of life on earth.

But today the country that owes it’s very existence and unparallelled success on the Christian ethic is turning a blind eye on the global war that is being waged against Christians.   A war initiated 1400 years ago by Mohamed and that today flourishes globally as the Islamists, without reservation, brutally massacre Christians and pledge to wipe out Christianity from the earth. Jesus_ShamedToday Christian homes and churches are being burnt to the ground; many time with the families in them. Everyday around the world Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims in the name of Allah.  In America Christianity has been eliminated from our schools and our public square.  And day after day America’s religion (see video) is being decimated by lawyers in black robes at the behest of those who seek to transform America into a secular socialist Sodom and Gomorrah. – Ashamed To Be A Christian in America…

Here’s a powerful video by Bill Warner over at politicalislam.com that outlines how America is  ‘complicit in our silence in the face of evil.’

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