I’ve had enough.  Get me out of this parallel universe.  It’s driving me crazy.  Please God put me back in the real world!


Wish I had a buck for every American that feels this way and wishes the same thing!   Don’t even know where to begin with this.   Probably the very best and most efficient place to begin is at Rod Serling’s America.   At this link, you need only to read down the list of linked headlines and you will totally understand – if you didn’t already.

The latest unbelievable craziness that takes it’s place in our parallel universe is the latest headline that Jeb Bush is considering running in 2016!   I’ve tried to avoid the topic of Hillary Clinton running because it’s just to embarrassing as an America and a thinking man to even consider.    But PLEASE someomne correct me and tell me that I’m crazy or something BUT WHY in a country filled with such great genius even talk about a Hillary or Jeb???

All Clinton ever did successfully was to defend her whoring husband so that she could hold on to her power.  She never achieved anything for her country, only for herself.  She lied to all America and she knew it:  ‘The right wing conspiracy made up Monica Lewinsky.’   Hillary doesn’t give a damn about America and Americans.  If Benghazi, her latest in a very long line of evidence, doesn’t prove it then indeed we are in a parallel universe.



And then there’s Jeb Bush.  I Like the guy and I like the family.  Class and character.  Great guys who leave no doubt that they love the country.  George Sr. was OK but he was soft on Saddam in the end an it cost us another war.  Also he was soft on Bill Clinton and his notorious character which gave him an undeserved shot at the White House.  George Jr. was definitely a class act who loved America and showed it by his embrace of our soldiers.   He did finally bring it to the Islamists but he was in the end weak calling Islam a ‘religion of peace’ thus paving the way for all the Islamic atrocities since.

Islam_AttacksOn 9/12 Bush should have declared Islam an enemy of America and took Mecca off the map.   The beast would have been ‘tamed’ the only way a beast can be.  Islam would have retreated the way every bully does when he is finally made to pay.  But thanks to this statement by Bush, Islam was  able to maintain it’s camouflage and deceit as a ‘religion’ and able to continue to do what it has done since Mohamed first butchered in the name of Allah…

Back to Jeb Bush.  Are you serious.  If he was Jesus of Nazareth he shouldn’t be in contention if indeed 2 members of his family already were President!  My God, 300 million people and all the brilliant and successful men and woman and we have and we’re considering the Bush family AGAIN!  And we make fun of Bashar Assad because his father handed him the rule in Syria…

 Glenn Beck Tears Into Jeb Bush: ‘Enough With the Royal Families’

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Erica Ritz

“May I just point out: stop listening to the Bushes,” he said, before asking listeners what the following list has in common: “No new taxes, TSA, Department of Homeland Security, Patriot Act, open borders, [Ramos and Compean]. John Roberts, who in turn gave us Obamacare. Never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ethanol mandates. Eco-friendly fluorescent light bulbs. Common Core, No Child Left Behind … TARP, save the free market by destroying the free market … Colin Powell and the reduction of our nuclear weapons. Karl Rove. Norquist … oh, I forgot one — world order.”
Beck said that if the issues were presented in the way he just did, “you would never vote for these things.”

“Enough with the royal families,” Beck concluded. …

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, there’s only one person that she’s loyal to and that’s Hillary Clinton.  any character that she may have


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