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Been busy searching my living room for a bug.  Even my kids admit that there must be one after watching Greg Gutfeld promote his new book ‘Not Cool.’

Man looking under sofa cushionI’ve been telling my kids now for a few years that cool is no longer cool!  Cool has been hijacked by losers.  Sure there are still plenty of real cool things and people around but the ones that are getting the media attention are mostly the losers or jackasses who because of our creatively challenged and un-American media have  convinced most people that they are cool.

What’s baffling to me is that the majority just accepts the new cool without question.   Very similar to how the public just allowed the homosexuals to hijack the word ‘gay’ or how they just accepted that being able to butcher an unborn child inside it’s mother’s womb was a women’s right and it was ‘pro-choice!’

In the new cool nothing matters but being cool.  It doesn’t matter how stupid, bad, untalented or even how criminal you are.  Even cop killers can be cool and supported by all those cool Hollywood stars.   You can even be famous and get rich by just showing everyone what a slut you are on a videotape or even on TV!  (Do the names Kim and Miley ring a bell?)  Doesn’t matter, you’re cool…

Of course the poster child for the new cool is America’s ‘Cool Guy in Chief.’   It wasn’t bad enough that Barack Obama was the most inexperienced and unqualified person ever to even run for the office.  It wasn’t bad enough that his origins, upbringing and education were cloaked in mystery by a team of Obama lawyers paid millions to insure the public was denied access.   It wasn’t bad enough that even though he was born a Muslim with a Muslim name, went to Muslim schools as a child and even wrote in his biography that he would ‘stand by the Muslims should the political winds changed’ in post 9/11 America.  It wasn’t bad enough that he openly supported homosexual marriage and abortion.  And it wasn’t bad enough that he was a socialist whose friends and known associates had an anti-capitalist – anti-American agenda and some were even known terrorists.

Obama-With-MuslimsThe latest display is while Putin reconstructs The Soviet Union, Barack Obama is busy revealing his Final Four picks for ‘NCAA March Madness’ and planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard right after he appears on the Ellen DeGeneres show.   But then again cool trumps leadership in Rod Serling’s America. – read more…


None of this mattered because Barack Obama was the new ‘cool.’  And so if you didn’t like him or vote for him then you were not cool!   Which brings us back to Mr. Gutfeld’s book; ‘Not Cool.’

Not_CoolI can’t wait to read it although I’m pretty sure I know what’s in it.  After all,  we all know that most of it was picked up by that bug he planted in my living room…  But that’s OK.  In fact I’ve stopped looking for it.  I want it to keep working and Greg to keep listening and writing books based on everything I say!   Wow!  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone other than my kids would listen….

Here’s Greg.


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