Muslims in Syria have butchered 400 people in mass killing fields, and have also impregnated 3000 women through sex jihad.

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Anyone who understands Islam can not be surprised at how evil and debased this death cult can be.  Among many others, one of the most successful achievements of the mighty Islamic propaganda machine is the one wherein the Muslims keep telling the ‘infidels’ that that their culture is sinful and corrupt and that Islamic culture is pure and dignified.  If it wasn’t such a big pathetic lie and hypocrisy it would be laughable!   But the West is so ignorant and weak it actually believes just about everything Islam says because after all; ‘it is a religion’- LOL!   Along with the bullcrap about Islam being a religion,  another farce is the one about Islam hating the West because of it’s sinful lifestyle and culture. Here’s a piece of Mohamed’s perversion translated into an Allah ordained Islamic Sharia law.   How sick & depraved are these Muslims?

‘Adultery, that is sex with anybody except a spouse or a female slave / war captive, is strictly prohibited for Muslims and such sin commands capital punishment such as 100 lashes or stoning to death.’  – read more…

timthumb.phpThe reality is that it is  Islam that espouses cultural debauchery like no other group in recorded history.  And of course it began with the Pedophile Mohamed and all those Muslims who followed his lead since.   Take a gander someday at the Islamic bio of Mohamed who would justify and legitimize his sexual debauchery by telling his followers that it was Allah who sanctioned these perverted and lascivious acts!  Quran-BookYes that’s right.  marriage to a 9 year old, marrying 4 women, spending the weekend with a whore while his wives stayed home, beating your wife, making her wear a total veil when out in public.  The list of sexual perversions stands side by side with the list of barbarism that is clearly outlined in the Koran and the Hadith if anyone is interested in the truth about the subhuman cult known as Islam.

This is Islam

“Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.” –  Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove otherwise based on Islamic texts. The reward has gone unclaimed.  –  The Life of Muhammad:An Inconvenient Truth

One need only to just start reading down the list at This is Islam to see what a cult of perverts infected with Mohamed’s poison. Mohamed

Muslims Slaughter 400 People In Killing Fields And Impregnate 3000 Women

Posted on March 22, 2014 by Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat -(EXCLUSIVE)  –  Muslims in Syria have butchered 400 people in mass killing fields, and have also impregnated 3000 women through sex jihad. We have learned this information through our Middle East contact Sister Hatune Dogan, who we partnered with in order to rescue Christians in Syria and Iraq, Turkey and Jordan.

“Abd Alluhud tells his story driving to his farm, taking the regular route near Idlib and what he sees was so horrific; hundreds of bodies on the side of the road, all decapitated”, so reports Sister Hatune Dogan to after she came back from her mission to aid Christians in Turkey where she interviewed several Christian refugees who came out of Syria.

Terrified of what he witnessed Alluhud later decided to take the long route to avoid the horrific scene. What he saw was the same: hundreds more bodies lined the road with dogs consuming the carcasses of slaughtered victims for whom the jihadist group Da’ish would dig a small pit, slice the neck and drain the neck in the pit making sure the bodies are bowing in the form of submission. obtained a video showing this very form of ritual slaughter:

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