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Most of us are jealous of the super rich and rightfully so.  They live a life we can only dream about.  But that’s OK.  Most have just been damn lucky or have earned it and deserve it.  I don’t begrudge their wealth, just jealous and want the same.  Any one who says they’re not is full of it.  Jealousy is just part of human nature so no need to deny it.

Fact:  Every time you put gas in your car you are giving your money to finance your enemy and the lavish lifestyles of the most undeserving self serving people on earth: the Saudis.

The disgusting wealth of the Saudis is the worst for many reasons.  First of all they have worked for it and have earned it as much as Obama did for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Their money comes from oil.  The oil that what discovered and made valuable by the British and Americans.  If up to the Saudis, the oil would be still be sitting idle underground and the only transportation they could afford would be a camel.

But the most scary part of the Saudi wealth is that it is the foundation upon which most of the Islamic jihad is constructed.  This money is spread all over the world to build and support Islamic schools and Mosques.  And anyone paying attention knows what the end game is. Islam1Warning:  The following article can make you sick to your stomach.  And while you’re getting nauseous, try not to think about the fact that America has more oil than these Islamists but the Lawyer/Leaders that you put in office will not permit America to become independent; they’d rather finance our enemy…

A Private Jet With Space for Both the Rolls-Royces

Saudi JetPALACE FOR A PRINCE The Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, signed an order with Airbus for an A380 Flying Palace. Right, an elegant bar in a custom-decorated Boeing 787.

Airbus, too, is about to deliver its own behemoth jetliner — the A380 double-decker — to a single customer this year, the Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, a major investor in Citigroup.    Ordered in 2007, it will be the most expensive personal jet, with a final price well in excess of $500 million, including the cost of outfitting it with one-of-a kind amenities. The original plans included a garage for two Rolls-Royces, a stable for horses and camels, a pen for hawks and a prayer room that rotates so it always points toward Mecca.


‘Thank You for your generous contributions every week at the Gas Station and stay tuned
for a Mosque coming to your neighborhood soon’…

Yes indeed.  No one appreciates more than the Saudis that we are 

The USA- The Ultimate Suckers of America

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