Homosexuals Throw Human Excrement At Christians, And Wipe Their Anuses With Pages Of The Bible

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Pretty disgusting.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg.  see

Homo-FascismFor all those gullible and naive people that think homosexuals should have equal rights it’s time to wake up.  They don’t want equal rights.  They not only want special rights but they will not rest until their perverted deviations are the norm.  That’s right.  If you can see beyond your nose, you will understand how this works.  It goes way beyond the slippery slope that’s inevitable whenever you try to take exception to the laws of nature and to the Judeo-Christian traditions that were the cement for the foundation of our nation.

What amazes me most is how the common descent person has been brainwashed into thinking these perverts deserve equal rights!   They march down our streets in plain view committing deviant sexual acts in front of us and our children and they laugh.

HomosThey laugh because we are so damn gullible for allowing them to do it.   And then they ask demand more.    And we oblige;  Military, school curriculum, ‘marriage’, co-ed bathrooms, ‘Gay Pride’ Month!   The list goes on and deserves special recognition in Rod Serling’s America.

But that’s the way the so called ‘gays’ are.   Not homosexuals, the ‘gays.’

I am gay, my kids are gay, and most of the time my wife is gay!” – from  Same Sex Marriage – Are You Serious?

Here’s the latest from the sodomites who demand the we be tolerant!

Homosexuals Throw Human Excrement At Christians, And Wipe Their Anuses With Pages Of The Bible

Posted on April 2, 2014 by Theodore Shoebat  –  When up to a thousand conservative Christian parents in Germany were protesting against a new pro-homosexual “sexual diversity” curriculum in their schools, homosexuals charged at them and thew human excrement at the Christians. They also ripped pages of the Bible, wiped their anuses with the pages, crumpled them up and threw them at the Christians.
What makes these sodomites so different than Muslims who defecate in churches? The answer is nothing. …

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