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This Week in Islam

The Muslims Will Invade The Vatican, And Try to Destroy The Roman Catholic Church [1]  –  Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most influential Sunni scholar today, made the prediction in 2002 that the Muslims will soon rise and invade Rome, making references to the declaration of Muhammad himself:

Muslims Behead Man After He Begs For His Life (One Of The Most Spine Chilling Videos You Will Ever See) [2]  –  This man supposedly did not raise his finger to say the Shahada, the creed of Islam. They cut off his index finger and then beheaded him…

Muslim Man Beheads Girlfriend After Demons Tell Him To Do So, Then Smears His Own Feces All Over His Room [3]  –  *** GRAPHIC PICTURE ***

Muslims Seize Three Women, Cover Them In Gasoline And Burn Them [4]  –  Muslims in Thailand took three women, behead them, then covered their bodies in gasoline and burn them, all in the name of jihad.

Muslims Butcher Thirty Christians, And Injure 300 More Christians [5]  –  Muslim Chadians from the Chad peacekeeping force in Central Africa, opened fire in a Christian neighborhood in Bangui, killing thirty and injuring 300 people. …

Muslims Force Almost 1,000 Christian Women To Convert To Islam [6]  –  100 to 700 Christian girls are forced to convert to Islam each year. The girls are usually between the ages of 12 and 25; they are abducted, forced to convert and then married to the abductor or to a …

Muslims Execute Child in Cold Blood [7]– **WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO**

The Most Brutal Murders Of Christians Is About To Happen [8] – The Muslim government in Pakistan have now sentenced to death a Christian husband and wife who we have been desperately trying to rescue. They were arrested after they were groundlessly accused …

Muslim Man Sees Jesuit Priest, And Shoots Him To Death [9] – A Muslim gunman saw a jesuit priest named Fr. Frans van der Lugt in the Syrian city of Homs, opened fire on him and shot him to death. He was killed in the Bustan al-Diwan neighbourhood. …



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