–  The Bottom Line  –

Anyone out there sick and tired of only ‘the good guys having to apologize?   It is sickening how easy it is for the ‘the bad guys’ to get anyone who may expose them or be honest about their perversions and ideology, to apologize immediately upon TELLING THE TRUTH!


The truth is the ‘cross’ to the vampires; aka Islam, progressives aka anti-Americans, homosexuals, abortionists and of course lawyers.  The truth exposes them for what they are: evil and bloodsuckers on humanity.

The truth exposes their cloak of lies, deception and propaganda that they have mastered and that has been so successful at advancing their agendas over the citizenry and the common man.

Here’s the ‘big lie’ that the world’s most notorious groups base their existence and deceive the gullible people with:

Islam:  ‘A Religion of Peace’ – 1400 year history proves the exact opposite.  Call them out, expose Mohamed for what he really was and expose the Koran for what it really stands for and you get Islam’s wrath: more death and destruction to warn all ‘infidels’ not to tell the truth about Islam’s deadly existence, it’s warlord pedophile ‘prophet’ and it’s mission to conquer all and invoke Sharia law and Islamic domination.

This is IslamLiberal/Progressives: aka anti-Americans  “Progress and equality”  Every one of their agendas results in the destruction, not the advancement of the American dream.  The examples are endless both here in America (Detroit, California, poverty, abortion etc ) to world mass murders and failed ‘socialized’ governments under Communism, Fascism and Nazism.


Homosexuals:  “Individual Rights” – The reality here is they want special rights AND that everyone agree with them AND that everyone be perverted as they are.   Then and only then will the inborn guilt that is the catalyst of their escalating demands be subdued.   They will not rest until this happens or we finally throw them back in the closet


Abortionists:  ” Women’s Rights” – And so what happened to the rights of the baby, human rights and the sanctity of life?


Lawyers:  “ It’s the system” :  Systems are constructed of laws and people.  Lawyers make the laws and indeed ARE the ‘system’.

Lawyers Destroying America

So next time any of these self serving anti-American scumbags tells you to apologize, tell them if they don’t like free speech, there’s 52 International Airports in America.  So choose one and get the F__K out of our country…

Love or Leave


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